classmethod Model.example(**kwargs)

Produce model instance with filled dummy data for all unspecified fields.

The type annotation of unspecified field is used to fill in type-correct dummy data, e.g. -1 for int, "dummy_string" for str, and so on…

The first item of typing.Literal annotations are used for dummy values.


**kwargs (Any) – Provide explicit values for any fields which should not be filled with dummy data.


A pydantic model object filled with dummy data for all unspecified model fields.

Return type:



TypeError – If one or more of the provided keyword arguments do not match any fields on the model.


>>> from typing import Literal
>>> import patito as pt
>>> class Product(pt.Model):
...     product_id: int = pt.Field(unique=True)
...     name: str
...     temperature_zone: Literal["dry", "cold", "frozen"]
>>> Product.example(product_id=1)
Product(product_id=1, name='dummy_string', temperature_zone='dry')